Solar Innovations, Inc. Has Been Recently Certified for Commercial and Residential Property Audits

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial skylights; greenhouses; conservatories; sunrooms; folding, tilting, and sliding glass doors, walls, windows, and screens; is certified to provide energy audits/building analysis for commercial and residential properties.

Pine Grove, PA, January 07, 2011 --( Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial skylights; greenhouses; conservatories; sunrooms; folding, tilting, and sliding glass doors, walls, windows, and screens; has recently been certified to provide energy audits for commercial and residential properties.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has recently been certified by the Building Performance Institute to complete both commercial and residential dwelling energy audits. This recent certification is in conjunction with the official launch of the Solar Innovations, Inc. alternative energy division. This division can provide solar thermal, photovoltaic panels, wind power, and passive solar system design and installation, either independently or in addition to Solar Innovations, Inc. structures, skylights, doors, and windows.

An energy audit is an inspection, survey, and analysis of the efficiency of energy flow in a building as a whole, or on a particular system within the building. The results of the audit are used to reduce the required energy use of the whole system without negatively affecting building performance.

Residential energy audits allow customers to identify the inefficient areas of their home for energy conservation and retention, and allow customers the opportunity to increase their energy efficiency in specific problem areas, rather than simply following the standard recommended efficiency guidelines which may produce little to no results.

Energy audits require that the customer be present for approximately two hours, and are best performed when the home’s chimney has been freshly cleaned to avoid dust being drawn into the home during the process. Many specific areas of the home will be inspected: heating, cooling, windows, doors, chimney, water, and more. Each area is reviewed to identify leaks and other energy issues. The Solar Innovations® team can even go as far as to evaluate and provide recommendations on the quality of air, known as IAQ, within a home.

Depending upon the size of the home, energy audits may cost between $250 and $750 and require additional time to complete the report. The Solar Innovations® team can advise homeowners on the specific cost and time requirements to complete a residential energy audit at their home with a brief survey. Solar Innovations, Inc. has been approved to provide home energy audits which can be rebated to PPL for their customers. Rebate amounts are dependent upon the homes HVAC system.

In the commercial market, building systems have become far more sophisticated and complicated in recent years. If a building’s system is configured and operated properly it can lead to significantly improved performance, comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. However, many of these energy efficient systems are so complicated that they are installed and operated improperly, which eliminates many of the benefits that these systems promote.

For commercial customers, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s energy audits can be completed to ASHRAE commercial audit standards and to meet LEED existing building operations and maintenance standards. The auditing team will also spend more time analyzing the building’s operations and maintenance systems, as changes in use can account for a large majority of energy waste. This process varies in time, as the team can conduct several different depths of analysis, depending upon a business’s requirements.

For both commercial and residential customers, our team will also recommend no or low cost home/system renovations and capital investments, with simple to advanced payback calculations. For more information or to set up an appointment please contact Solar Innovations® at 800-618-0669 and speak with Greg Miller, alternative energy specialist, or contact Solar Innovations at

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