Rigstar Receives WCB Saskatchewan Certificate of Achievement

Company has been recognized by Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Saskatchewan for zero loss time claims in a three year window

Calgary, Canada, January 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Brent Grisdale, President of Rigstar Communications Inc., announced today that the company has been recognized by Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Saskatchewan for zero loss time claims in a three year window.

Rigstar Communications was awarded the Certificate of Achievement in December of 2010, which encourages companies throughout Canada to maintain proper safety programs, and was given a 25 per cent reduction on their WCB Saskatchewan insurance rates.

“We are very pleased that WCB Saskatchewan has recognized the hard work and diligence of Rigstar’s safety program and its employees,” stated Jane McReynolds, Rigstar Communications Human Resources and Safety Coordinator. “We have a strong focus on ensuring injury prevention in the workplace, and with strong employee input and buy-in we have managed to keep our incidents down to our goal of zero.”

Rigstar set to accomplish its goal of zero loss time claims by implementing an effective safety program that focuses on hazard identification and risk management, which all employees in the company, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan participate in.

“We will continue to strive to keep our incident rate at zero by using the safety procedures that have already been put into effect and approved,” said McReynolds. “Rigstar will also continually work to improve its safety program’s effectiveness.”

About Rigstar Communications Inc.

Rigstar Communications Inc. (www.rigstar.ca) provides integrated communication services to oil and gas organizations with expansive and remote wide area network requirements. With more than twelve years experience in the construction and commercial operations of remote communication systems, Rigstar’s expansive network and field operations reaches a significant footprint of Alberta and Western North America.

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