SeneGence Distributor Receives Exclusive Certification

Jeri Taylor-Swade receives exclusive certification in SeneBlend Makeup Application

Las Vegas, NV, February 05, 2011 --( SeneGence Independent Distributors who attended a company-sponsored, annual training event called “PIT Stop - Glam It Up” on January 14th - 15th, 2011, received the first ever, exclusive certification in SeneBlend Makeup Application.

The training event took place at the SeneGence corporate office in Irvine, Calif. and included intensive cosmetics application taught by celebrity and professional makeup artists and licensed estheticians. Topics included skin care and brow shaping as well as shading, balancing, contouring, hiding flaws, sculpting features, and more.

Distributors also learned the proper way to apply makeup including blush and how to perfectly match foundation, eye, lip, and cheek shades for all skin tones. They also learned how to apply false lashes, create a ‘smoky’ eye look, create a fuller lip, and apply bridal makeup.

Certificates were awarded to select attendees by SeneGence International upon completion of two days of professional cosmetic training.

About SeneGence International

Since the debut of the premier product LipSense in 1999, SeneGence has been a privately owned, network marketing company that is in the business of developing and selling anti-aging skin care and long-lasting cosmetic products through an independent sales network of Distributors. To get more information on SeneGence products and business opportunities, please visit or contact Jeri Taylor-Swade, Independent Distributor at (702) 396-8415 or

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