Gate One Marketing Announces New FaceBook Page

Gate One Marketing created a FaceBook page called Gate One Marketing which is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses on how to create multiple streams of income using both free and paid Internet training techniques.

Green Cove Springs, FL, February 10, 2011 --( Gate One Marketing's FaceBook page is focused is on providing information on the latest Internet strategies to build a successful business in 2011. Gate One plans to offer insights into what other entrepreneurs are doing to create multiple streams of incomes via the Internet as well as traditional small business endeavors. Some of these are free and some are offered as a subscription service. Gate One Marketing offers information on a wide range of subjects to help entrepreneurs and small business manage and create success using the Internet.

For example; there are a number of web sites that discuss wealth strategies such as Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group which is a subscription based online course dedicated to multiple streams of income and passive wealth creation. Wealth Masters International is another subscription based internet site that offers a complete program dedicated to multiple streams of income and has an excellent marketing and education system to promote their products.

There are a number of entrepreneurs who have formed traditional small business. For example; there is a company that serves families by providing Insurance products such as Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, and Annuities which provide multiple streams of income. These businesses act as an Insurance broker, but generate multiple streams of income from the multiple companies they represent. It should be noted that a state insurance license is required.

Gate One Marketing’s FaceBook page is an interactive forum where individuals can provide information on products and strategies to create success utilizing the Internet, such as passive streams of income and other tactics that they employ. The intent is to provide content that is relevant and current in today’s environment.

About Gate One Marketing
Gate One Marketing’s staff has over 60 years of experience in traditional marketing and 30 years of experience in Internet Marketing. Gate One Marketing provides unique insights and real value for Individuals and Small Business on FaceBook. We at Gate One Marketing are here to help you with your individual success in Internet Marketing as well as to aid small business with their Internet Marketing campaigns. Please join us on our Facebook page and provide your insights and strategies to create success in 2011.

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