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Is Commuting to Town Getting You Down?

Then new retailer, Smarter Wheels can help with a range of folding electric bikes that cut out the stress and hassle of using buses, tubes and trains.

London, United Kingdom, September 14, 2005 --( ‘Commuters to London really are in a jam.’

The traffic has reached a crisis point. London journey speeds are down below 10mph on average and less than 3mph in the city centre. The added increase in petrol prices, car parking and the congestion charge has ruled out commuting by car to central London for most people.

Tubes and buses are unreliable and safety has become a major concern considering recent events.

Many other major cities in Northern Europe have more efficient means of transport such as trams (that don’t get bogged down in traffic) and Copenhagen and Amsterdam have embraced cycling as ‘the main mode of transport for commuting.

In London too cycling has been promoted heavily to commuters with the opening of cycle lanes on many main routes into town. However most commuters are not too keen on working up a sweat on their way to work. Smarter Wheels believe that their range of folding Electric bikes which cruise at 15mph without the need for manual pedalling is the solution for a sweat free commute.

This alternative personal transport is safe, cost efficient, practical and flexible and has at last become affordable for most people with prices starting from just £299.

Not only are they cheap to run, need no insurance, congestion charge or road tax, they are also extremely practical for carrying on and off mainline trains and bringing inside your office and home, so the risk of them being stolen is minimal.

Smarter Wheels have done the leg work for you by selecting the very best quality products from a range of leading manufacturers and bringing them to you at affordable prices.

Folding Electric Bikes are an effortless way of beating jams, cutting costs and giving you the peace of mind of stress free personal transport which runs on ‘your own timetable’.

Did you know
• You'll be free to use bus lanes and cycle paths
• You don’t need a licence, road tax or insurance
• The battery unclips and can be charged from any power point for pennies
• You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too by not adding to the pollution.
• Prices of folding electric bikes from start from just £299 and next day delivery is available.

Editor Notes

London cycle routes
Transport for London in conjunction with the London Cycling Campaign have produced a series of 19 guides covering the whole of London. These guides are free, and you can obtain copies by calling the 24 hour travel information service: (020) 7222 1234.
These guides include

* A street map of your area showing the extent of the cycle route network available to you
* An enlarged street map of central London with it's corresponding cycle route network
* Useful tips on cycling, advice on access to trains and the Underground

Under British law (1981 Transport Act), an electric bicycle avoids being classed as a motorcycle only if it weighs less than 40kg, is fitted with usable pedals, has an output not exceeding 200 watts and cannot be propelled under power at more than 15 miles per hour. The rider must also be over 14 years of age.
* In the UK one does not have to pedal (although there must be pedals) and enjoy pedal free cycling under power. In mainland Europe one must keep pedalling, and the motor assists the effort you put in. New euro range complies with EU regulations.
* If an electric bicycle exceeds these limitations in any way it becomes classed as a motorcycle, with DVLC registration, vehicle excise licenses, motor insurance and an appropriate users license all legally required for use on public roads.
* China is the worlds leading electric bike user with 15% of the domestic bike production being electric, that equates to 5 million electric bikes whizzing along the streets. The UK has a long way to go to catch up but consumer demand and new low prices should mean quick takeup of electric bikes.

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