“Today I’ll Build A Bomb, Tomorrow I’ll Abuse A Child, On Monday I’ll Go Back To Work”

Access to questionable material online is simple, too simple. Age restrictions and methods of censorship are lax in personal, ISP and governmental circles. Solutions are available to block and track both the lighter and far darker side of this material including peadophilia and terrorism.

London, United Kingdom, September 19, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Gaining access to ‘illegal’ and unsavoury material online is quite literally child’s-play. In every other aspect of our lives access to materials of an adult, or illegal nature is controlled. Access is granted via licence, age limit, or completely prohibited, and prosecutions are actively made for infringement of these criteria (consider a child attempting to buy pornography from a corner shop).

Robert Steele CEO of TPP Limited says “We at TPP are very excited at the possibilities for our new Deep Six® search technologies as a permanent solution to online security.  There are some obvious commercial opportunities for us, but more importantly we have the ability to really help make a difference for law enforcement agencies in their fight against terrorism, illegal pornography and paedophilia sites. Our discussions with agencies around the world tell us that our abilities are a vital step forward, and yet uptake is poorer than expected for the solution both nationally and internationally due to general apathy and lack of resource. More worrying is the fact we know we are not alone! Over 300 new ‘child pornography’ images are being posted online per day and these new images represent new instances of abuse.  Access to sites actively promoting terrorism is still available even after recent events in London and on the fourth anniversary of 9/11.   We can help identify these illegal and unsavoury sites and not only ban them but also work with law enforcement agencies to help identify the authors and offenders, thus eliminating their proliferation and punishing the perpetrators.”

Questions have to be asked, if we prohibit access to certain publications in the offline world, why is it acceptable that we can access illegal material in the online world?  Why is it that children can find extreme pornography, and access to bomb making literature freely on the web?

Starting with users and moving through to government, no-one appears to take responsibility for ensuring access to this illegal material is blocked within the UK, even though 90% of the adult population would support voluntary blocking of child abuse and paedophilic web sites (MORI 2005) by ISP’s.

What is required is action, or just an appetite to do something more appropriate and pragmatic than discussion.  The mainstream press is full of stories where the Internet has been used to either promote terrorism, educate terrorists, support paedophile networks or to promote religious hatred and yet action against the proliferation of this content is slow to materialise.

Deep Six® in its various guises, both commercial and forensic, is being used to automatically search for, and block access to, questionable and illegal content in a manner far more effective than manual solutions. The Forensic version adds a further layer of intelligence and analysis to the process.  Deep Six® can track illegal and unsavoury material, digitally fingerprint sites, track the propagation of material and illegal images from point of insertion and help build a ‘weight of evidence’ against offenders. It a comprehensive solution developed specifically to deal with this type of online material and the emerging online threat.

Deep Six® if applied to the problem, is the solution, and will be made available to law enforcement agencies free of charge.

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