Brandon Partners Corporate Training Releases Organizational Politics Webinar

Mill Valley, CA, March 17, 2011 --( The corporate training company, Brandon Partners, has released their four-module (two hours apiece) leadership training webinar on organizational politics and political savvy. The firm specializes in cutting edge leadership training tactics to cultivate a workplace competency that was not even on the map just over a decade ago, organizational savvy. Their seminars comprehensively empower employees and individuals with political savvy and positive power through understanding how to navigate organizational politics.

The company’s CEO, Rick Brandon, has caught the corporate and public sector eye before with his Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Survival of the Savvy (Simon and Schuster). Through the book, workshops, training courses, and online skill assessments, Brandon Partners is a global leader in transforming organizational politics from a taboo, dirty word, and whispered discussion into an intriguing and motivating outlet for individual and corporate effectiveness.

The organizational politics webinar titled, “Organizational Savvy” is their latest venture–– a pathway to approaching organizational politics with in new ways: more openly, systematically, skillfully and with a positive outlook. The goal of this webinar is to benefit participants by achieving strategic influence, recognition, credit, career growth, and protection from being passed over, underestimated or sabotaged.

The organizational politics webinar by Brandon Partners, “Organizational Savvy” includes four modules teaching about Political Styles, Political Awareness, and Proactive Political Skills, as well as an optional fifth module on “Protective Skills.” The webinar and supporting informational brochures can be found on their website, along with career enhancing tips from the organizational politics perspective, taught by Brandon Partners.


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