#1 Australian Earns $5,400 in First 30 Days with Global Abundance Program

Jenny Rogan used her Internet marketing expertise and the easy, hands-on mentorship system to put the high-paying Global Abundance Program (G.A.P.) on the map Down Under.

Brisbane, Australia, March 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Jenny Rogan has teamed up with Global Abundance Program founders, Tod Bell and Michael Churchill, to create the ideal Home Business opportunity for those who prefer to work (and play) at home. Rogan quit the frenzied world of corporate life with its long hours and zero freedom to join the high-paying world of Home Business ownership. Bell, a minister from Tennessee who earned $350,000 in six months and Churchill, a former accountant who earned $100,000 in three months in another opportunity that ultimately closed down, have teamed up to offer the only Home Business Reverse Margin company that actually pays its members from the very first sale.

Rogan is quick to point out that Reverse Margin means that "the overwhelming majority of the sales commissions are earned by the members - not the company." Unlike the high-failure Multilevel Marketing (M.L.M.) business model, Reverse Margin companies like G.A.P. are earning their members Big Paychecks without the Recruiting and Sales Volume commitments. And, best of all, G.A.P. members can make sales without picking up the phone, attending hotel functions, or leaving the comforts of their own home.

The Key Attraction to G.A.P. is the free teaching, training and support that are offered by Rogan, Bell and Churchill. Jenny Rogan is always available by phone or email for all of her team members. In G.A.P., that is known as the Rogan Advantage. "I teamed up with Jenny as her business partner for two reasons. She promised to teach and train me for free and she said she would respond to all of my requests within 12 hours. It's only been 45 days, but she has lived up to those two promises consistently," said Dr. Dan Bettiol from Texas. "Jenny is not only teaching and training my people, she is also giving them free automated lead generation systems, free webconference rooms and free access to her online marketing mentors and trainers. Her being home has freed me up to continue my practice of Health medicine."

Another key difference that G.A.P. features is their Corporate Managed Marketing. Both Bell and Churchill manage the majority of marketing for all team members. "Tod and Mike have made hundreds of thousands of dollars by maximizing their marketing dollars," says Jenny. "They are saving our members time, money and effort by using their marketing expertise to attract multiple clients for our members at substantial cost savings. That means no more wasted money on erratic advertising that never really works for most people."

One other key advantage is that all members have direct contact with the owners at any time. "I can contact Jenny, Tod or Michael on Skype and they are always willing to help me," says Dr. Bettiol. "How many companies offer their owners Skype and email addresses? I know of only one----Global Abundance Program.

Among the products that G.A.P. offers are a Mortgage Reduction Program (United States and Canada), Forex investing (Foreign Currency), Full Success and Marketing Libraries and a Free 3-day, 5-day or 7-day Vacation (including Cruises). "I signed up on a Wednesday and made plans for my G.A.P.-paid Cruise on Thursday," says Jenny.

What makes G.A.P. different than most Home Business opportunities? "All you have to do is drive traffic to your G.A.P. website (and we do that for you - if you choose)," says Tod Bell. "G.A.P. receives the lead, contacts the lead, closes the lead, organizes payment to the member, helps train the new member to get started... and can do all of this without having to contact the sponsoring member. You can actually make money while you sleep with G.A.P."

The Home Business revolution is underway throughout the world. As the worldwide economic recession escalates and company layoffs, foreclosures, bankruptcies and credit card debt continue to rise, there will be further flight by people from the one-income, long-hours, chained slavery model to working from the freedom and comfort of home. Your choice of Home business opportunities and Mentorship will be critical to your success. For those who join G.A.P., they will be exposed to the future world of Multiple Sources of Income with the free training and expertise of Jenny Rogan to guide their path to profits.

If you are truly serious about being free from the rat race of Long Hours and No Freedom, please go to www.GlobalAbundanceAustralia.com

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