GHI Receives 2007 Team NEO Success Award

On January 17, 2007, Griffith Holdings, Inc., a global communications firm helping more than 5,000 clients and partners connect smarterâ„¢ with their markets through a customized combination of Internet, telecom, and marketing services, is proud to announce that they have been recognized for the third consecutive year as one of Northeast Ohio's top-performing companies, receiving the 2007 Team NEO Success Award.

Medina, OH, March 02, 2007 --( Inside Business Magazine acknowledges business leaders from across Northeast Ohio recognizing them as the region's top Public, Private, and Emerging companies for revenue and employment achievements.

"GHI is thankful to have continued growth resulting in positive contributions to the local Northeast Ohio community," says Frank Griffith, Griffith Holdings' CEO and Founder. "However, we continue to expand our reach and presence beyond this region pumping resources into our multi-channel distribution strategy adding more than 50 new domestic partners, several international partners in the Republic of Uganda, Romania, and Mexico and expanding our ASP service offerings."

Pete Kever, GHI Vice President of Client Services, and senior manager of GHI's Internet Marketing Practice Group, further added, "Our growth is primarily due to our GHI Partner Program and the creative relationships we forge with seemingly unrelated third parties, whether down the street in Akron, Ohio or across the Pacific in Bangladesh." Pete is quick to add, though, "that lots of credit also needs to be shared with Janney Warren, GHI's Manager of Search Engine Marketing, who contributed significantly during the past few years shoring up GHI's client retention program, a key strategy to long term growth in any residual income business model like we have here at GHI."

About NEO Success Awards

The 2007 Team NEO Success Award winners were determined based on a two-year-growth formula that incorporates revenue growth, employee growth, and profitability. The winners have shown sustained success growing their companies through increased sales, impacting their communities by boosting payrolls, and increasing profit for their shareholders.

About Griffith Holdings

Griffith Holdings, Inc. (GHI) is a holding company comprised of five diverse, privately-held high technology firms that help thousands of companies worldwide connect smarter™ to their markets, people, processes, and products through a customized combination of internet, marketing, and telecommunications services. GHI delivers their communications services through wholly owned subsidiaries and managed third-party enterprises (

GHI Subsidiaries:

1. GHI Internet Services is an interactive media firm specializing in website design, Internet marketing, and ASP solutions serving more than 600 clients worldwide (
2. GHI Marketing Services is a senior management advisory firm providing sales and marketing services to high technology firms (
3. GHI Telecom Services is a telecommunications expense management firm providing voice, data, and IP networking services saving more than $18,000,000 for 4,200 clients in the past 10 years (
4. GHI International Services is a distribution and outsourcing firm headquartered in West Africa providing international sales organizations distribution rights to GHI products and services while training local resources to deliver new media projects from domestic US marketing firms (

GHI Managed Enterprises:

5. Automation Technologies Consulting is a software consulting firm specializing in object and component-based development for F100 companies in Northeast Ohio (

Whether clients use the internet, telephone, and/or traditional marketing services to reach their audiences, GHI's technology and communications solutions connect their brands, people, products, and processes to their markets. Smarter.

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