One Suspect Apprehended with Assistance from Sonitrol Pacific

Tacoma, WA, April 30, 2011 --( During the early morning hours of April 15 2011, Sonitrol Pacific Operator, Michael Young was keenly monitoring when he received multiple audio activations from the south east multipurpose area of a public middle school. Mike dispatched the Fife Police Department immediately when he heard what sounded like someone rummaging through school property. His ability to use the Sonitrol Pacific security system to provide audio verification was enough for the dispatcher to request an expedited response time from units heading to the scene. Officers arrived to find an open door and apprehended one suspect.

Although the police believe the intruder must have come through the unsecured door they discovered, activity logs prove the Sonitrol Pacific system did not receive an alarm from this door until the officers arrived and opened it. Within hours, a highly skilled Sontirol Pacific technician was on-site performing a thorough preventative maintenance check of all alarm sensors in the school. The technician was able to confirm that all devices were, and had been, working properly which leads to two conclusions. First, the intruder hid inside the school until after the Sonitrol Pacific security system was armed. And second, the Sonitrol Pacific security system was the key to apprehending the suspect and preventing damage to the school’s property.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton