Laboratory Testing Inc. Employee Promoted to X-ray Inspection Supervisor

Long-time NDT employee and X-ray inspection technician at Laboratory Testing Inc. has been promoted to X-ray Supervisor to oversee all X-ray inspections and staffing.

Hatfield, PA, May 05, 2011 --( Jason Tucker of Perkasie, PA has been promoted to X-ray Department Supervisor at Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI). He oversees testing, staffing, order processing and other daily operations in the X-ray inspection laboratory. Tucker has been with LTI for seven years as a Technician in the Nondestructive Testing Department. He has performed X-ray inspection for the past five years and is a certified Level II Inspector in X-ray Inspection.

Items both large and small undergo X-ray inspection at LTI in a 20 ft. x 20 ft. radiography vault or a lead-lined cabinet used for objects such as electronic parts. Metal, plastic and other solid products are routinely inspected. The X-ray inspections create permanent film records of the internal condition of inspected materials, which technicians use to locate internal flaws, verify the integrity of components, determine the quality of welds and help identify the source in fire investigations.

About Laboratory Testing Inc. - Laboratory Testing Inc. of Hatfield, PA specializes in materials testing, nondestructive testing, specimen machining, failure analysis and calibration services. The laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by PRI/Nadcap and A2LA, which complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Mechanical, chemical, metallurgical and nondestructive testing services are performed on metals, alloys, plastics and other materials. Test specimens are machined on-site and failure analysis investigations are conducted to determine the root cause of material failures. The calibration lab provides NIST-traceable dimensional, pressure, force, torque, electrical, temperature, mass and vacuum calibration services, field calibration services, new instruments, repairs and replacement parts. Additional information on testing and calibration services is available at, or 800-219-9095.

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