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Metairie, LA, March 06, 2007 --( Brett Roberts, CEO of Top Wealth Solutions has announced the addition of a new home based business opportunity. The new online internet-based program is called Passport To Wealth. Launched February 1, 2007, Passport To Wealth is a digital product and compensation program. With a combined value of over $120,000.00, the Passport To Wealth product portfolio is “the best offer on the entire internet,” according to Mr. Roberts. “The compensation program is simple and pays each affiliate $997.00 per sale. Passport To Wealth meets 3 basic components of an online business: easily available high demand products, a simple yet very lucrative compensation program, and a totally cruise control marketing system.”

The Passport To Wealth product portfolio is massive including many top named software products all developed by the internets most esteemed and successful entrepreneurs. “The best part about the product portfolio is that many products come with resale rights, meaning you can sell these high demand products and keep 100% of the profits,” exclaimed Mr. Roberts. The marketing website is one of the most innovative websites to hit the internet. You can visit Mr. Roberts’ website @ According to Mr. Roberts, “One of the brilliant features of this business is each associate is given a website exactly like the one mentioned. These websites are marketing machines. The only job for Passport To Wealth associates is to advertise their website and get people to visit. The 12 minute movie presentation will do the rest.”

Passport to wealth is already becoming one of the most profitable business opportunities to hit the internet in a long time. Associates are reporting income well over $30,000 their first month, with many associate making $1000.00 per day. According to Mr. Roberts, “The results that I have achieved with this program have greatly exceeded my expectations as well as our team members.” Mr. Roberts’ Top Wealth Solution team provides cutting edge promotional products to all new team members in addition to what the company offers. All team members receive a complete marketing system including the following tools:

1. Members are given a stunning lead capture page to entice potential members. Mr. Roberts explains that this is an important tool in marketing because it turns traffic into prospects. Many online businesses fail because they do not recognize the important of a lead capture page that gets prospects to enter in their name and email address.

2. Once their name and email address is gathered, members of Mr. Roberts’ Team are given an autoresponder fully loaded with well written and formatted follow up emails. “We’ll send these emails to prospects over a 30 day period continually educated them about the Passport To Wealth business opportunity,” said Mr. Roberts. Internet studies have shown that fast follow up to potential prospects is what separates the successful online businesses from the failures.

3. A very detailed marketing guide is also provided to each team member that signs up with Passport To Wealth from Mr. Roberts’ website. This marketing guide will explain in detail to each member the who, what, where, when of advertising your Passport To Wealth Business. “All new members have to do is read their marketing guide and follow instructions exactly how they are laid out. It is basically a copy and paste tutorial on how to be successful in your Passport to Wealth Business.” In order to get these three promotional products, you must sign up for Passport To Wealth here,

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Brett Roberts is a fulltime online entrepreneur who has been earning a living on the internet since 2005. To learn more about Passport To Wealth and this life changing business opportunity visit

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