Internet Marketing Expert Says Global Abundance Program is the Top Money-making Home Business on the Web

Discover why Jenny Rogan has moved her Internet Marketing powerhouse from the MLM arena to the high-paying world of Reverse Margin "big bucks" companies.

Taringa, Australia, March 08, 2007 --( With the emergence of the Prosperity Automated System (PAS) back in 2003, many of the high-income producers in the Multilevel Marketing (M-L-M) world decided it was time to move on to higher-paying opportunities. P.A.S began the concept known as Reverse Margin - which means more money flowed to the distributor than to the company. "I abandoned the M-L-M model back in 2005 for the simple reason that I was making pennies per downline member while the company made Millions," says Dr. Dan Bettiol of Texas, who built four Nutrition MLMs to a lucrative side income. "When I saw the Reverse Margin concept - where 80% of the commissions went to the distributor (and only 20% to the company), I was hooked for life."

Jenny Rogan, who was building her own Nutrition M-L-M, also saw the opportunity in Reverse Margin. With her advanced Internet skills in Automated Lead Generation, Email Marketing and Blogging, Rogan decided it was time to move into the world of $700 - $3,400 checks (per sale). "In my M-L-M, it took hundreds of hours, dozens of downline members and a required monthly product turnover just to qualify for a $3,400 monthly check," says Jenny. "With the Global Abundance Program, I earned $3,400 in my first week while only spending a couple hours of my time... and I didn't even close the sale. A G.A.P Business Advisor called my prospects, closed the sales and sent the checks to my door."

After studying this new Reverse Margin concept, Ms. Rogan decided the Global Abundance Program was the clear "leader of the pack". The company founders, who combined to earn over $450,000 in Prosperity Automated System (within 6 months), have expanded on the initial P.A.S concept. Membership includes three separate business concepts, free marketing training, full online and offline support and even a company-paid vacation, G.A.P provides its members Multiple Sources of Income. In addition, G.A.P also empowers the new business owner with the marketing muscle to advertise 4 additional businesses within their custom-tailored website.

According to Alexa, G.A.P is ranked among the World Wide Web leaders in generating traffic. "When you combine G.A.P's Alexa ranking with the G.A.P opportunity, the free marketing training, the high commissions and the company-paid vacation," says Dr. Bettiol it's clear that "Big Money + Little Time & Effort = Freedom....The Freedom to enjoy the people, places and things you want."

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