Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake

Baltimore, MD, May 11, 2011 --( Mark Askew aims to strengthen the most basic and essential unit of society, the family by way of promoting family reunion event planning. To that end Mark announces his newly released book "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Workbook and Keepsake." The reunion planning workbook includes planning tutorials for both individual reunion planners as well as reunion planning committees.

Regarding the inspiration to write this book Mark says, "With so many opting not to marry, I wanted to do something that promotes the value of our most precious resource, the fully committed family. Nothing comes close to the deep impressions committed family life makes on our hearts and minds. Deliberately choosing one another bespeaks love and approval. Learning to value family matures us and can thereby help us value life itself. It helps us put things in perspective, humbles us and with some guidance gives us an understanding of our being no other experience can."

The book helps the reader organize a single family reunion event while maintaining a journal of the experience. There is also a follow-up notes section, event planning checklist, a step by step timeline planner and 4 separate theme planners. Along with each theme there are recommended games and activities. In addition there is an itinerary template, survey letter and luncheon template as well as a dinner program.

What makes this reunion planner unique is that it is an 8x11 size book complete with family reunion poetry, event planning guidance and numerous personalized keepsake features.

The keepsake features include Mark Askew’s signature poem excerpts throughout its 128 pages. There is signature of ownership page, an event details page, an event planning journal and a family recipe compiler complete with sections to record the history behind each family recipe. Other special features of the book include an heirloom record, family tree worksheets and other genealogy worksheets.

It is indeed a book like no other. The original PDF version of the family reunion planner has been used by thousands of reunion planners over the past 6 years. Over that time the compilation has been perfected and revised several times. Written with individual planners and reunion committees in mind scores of community organizations and social groups have used it for their own events. The book is also has special appeal to the travel and hospitality industry as a complimentary gift to assist guests in planning a family reunion event.


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