Longer Term Solutions for Butadiene Prospectus Released by Kevin L. Boyle, Consulting

This Study will cover four general topics: 1. The butadiene/SBR/tire cycle 2. Refinery production of butadiene 3. Saudi gathering of C4’s and other global issues 4. Demand destruction of butadiene

Houston, TX, May 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The supply of butadiene has been constrained for several years. The difference between the production cost of ethylene and co-product butadiene from light feedstocks and naphtha has grown steep. The new sources of natural gas from shale plays in the U.S. have increased the availability of ethane as a feedstock. Indeed new ethylene capacity will be added in the U.S. that will be designed to run ethane and produce little or no coproduct butadiene. Ethylene producers’ preference for the more economical light feedstock slates potentially keeps the supply of butadiene tight for the foreseeable future. Consequently, now is the time to explore creative sources of butadiene.

This prospectus is a solicitation of interest in this speculative study of Longer Term Solutions for Butadiene. While an enthusiastic response is anticipated from industry and financial professionals, a minimum number of committed subscribers are required before the study will be undertaken. Accordingly, parties interested in purchasing this study are asked to place orders with Kevin L. Boyle Consulting, using the contact information below. Any commitment will not be invoiced until the study is completed and delivered.

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