Medical Manufacturing Gets a Boost from Local Tech School Talent

What could an Orthopedic Manufacturer with combined experience of 275 years learn from a local technical high school student? They found that learning goes both ways when it comes to getting the job done at Tracer Tool & Machine Co., Inc.

Oakland, NJ, March 14, 2007 --( Tracer Tool & Machine Co., Inc., got more than they bargained for when they contacted Bergen County Academy and asked if there was a student with CNC programming skills to provide training on their CAD/CAM system. Not only was CAD/CAM training provided, the student was able to assist in a number of other tasks at Tracer Tool that would have been subcontracted to outside vendors.

He recently was asked to produce a color brochure for an engineering meeting at a local Othopedic manufacturer of spinal implants.  The only problem with the project was, that it was needed for a meeting the following morning. With less than 12 hours notice until the start of the meeting, he went right to work, took pictures with a digital camera, and worked the pictures and text descriptions into the right format for a 4 page brochure.

After several revisions, the final copy was delivered in less than 3 hours, including waiting in line at the local print center. This brochure can be used repeatedly by Tracer Tool for additional future presentations, and was delivered in record time with professional quality results.

The student is also working on revamping the company's web site, adding new information, pictures, optimization, and new sections for media, and advanced technology. He stated that it was good for him to see how an ISO 9001 2000 company worked.

It was apparent to him that Tracer Tool was a well-run company. Every one at Tracer had a distinct and very specific responsibility. The whole company seemed to work together like a well-oiled machine. He was surprised to learn that Tracer does quite a bit of engineering work with their customers.

He is a future engineer, and has applied to a number of high quality engineering schools in the NY/NJ area.

Tracer Tool & Machine Co., Inc.
John Lombaerde
Lindsay Conner