Three Seven Marketing Group Celebrates a Successful First Year in Business

Three Seven Marketing Group moves into a second year of business as well as a second location.

Louisville, KY, May 25, 2011 --( Three Seven Marketing Group, a sales and marketing firm located in Louisville, K.Y., celebrates a close to their first year in business. The end of the first year marks a year of exciting growth not only for Three Seven Marketing, but also for the clients it represents. This growth has led to the successful start of a second year with the execution of the first of several expansions planned for the next 24 months.

Three Seven Marketing Group is a sales and marketing firm that specializes in business account acquisition and retention. The firm first opened its doors in Troy, Michigan in November 2009. The same month, the company took on its first client, a Fortune 500 client with a reputation of having number one rated customer service in its industry by JD Power and Associates.

“This first year in business has been amazing. I attribute our success to the incredible team we have here at the company. I am so proud of them. They make up some of the most hard working individuals I have ever met. It is not a surprise to me that with them, we have been able to grow so rapidly,” explains Tara Masia, President at Three Seven Marketing Group.

Throughout the first year in business the company has been recognized as a valuable asset to the clients it represents. Within the first month, Three Seven had acquired almost 100 new and retained accounts for the client.

By January of 2010, the company had increased that to over 280 accounts in a 4 week span. At the close of the first year, having doubled in size, the team at Three Seven Marketing Group was able to acquire 380 accounts in just the month of November.

By April 2010, the company became too large for the Tory market-share and was asked to provide their services for the clients in Louisville, KY.

“I think our culture is a huge contributor to the quality of our work and the growth we are experiencing. The team understands that to be successful, people have to come first,” says Masia. “Whether that means coworkers, clients, account holders, or even other members and organizations within the community, our employees understand that a great organization is one where helping other is a priority that has a high level of return in time.”

Within the next year, Three Seven Marketing Group plans to provide more Fortune 500 companies with their services by continuing to expand nationally and eventually internationally.

Three Seven Marketing Group
Tara Masia