Chandler Chamber of Commerce and DigiCard Design Bring Affordability to Marketing for Small Businesses in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, AZ, March 14, 2007 --( DigiCard Design announced today that it has decided to give the Chandler, Arizona small business community an important boost in marketing opportunities. This will be accomplished through the joint venture of DigiCard Design and the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, the online Chandler mall at

The Chandler Chamber Community allows small businesses in Chandler, Arizona to maximize the potential of their marketing ideas and strategies through unique advertising and networking online.

For only a limited time, DigiCard design is offering membership to the Chandler Chamber Community to small businesses in Chandler and that serve Chandler, so that they may enjoy the same results as larger businesses with budgets of ten to fifteen thousand dollars. However, in the case of businesses taking advantage of this offer, they will receive these successes for only $69 per month.

Furthermore, without having to deal with – and pay for – billboards, radio ads, television commercials, and newspaper advertisements, the same degree of exposure will be achieved, and with targeted viewers and carefully designed messages that create a call to action.

Each participating company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and is provided not only with a web presence, but also a shop in this online version of a Chandler mall. They each maintain their own control over their products, services, orders, taxes, and shipping, while sharing a “shopping cart” with the other shops – other Chamber of Commerce members – within the mall.

Furthermore, the businesses are provided with their own “Talking Logos” which allows them to give a personal touch to an online experience. Businesses can use this tool to share their message in their own words and with their own voices.

DigiCard Design and the Chandler Chamber of Commerce are so certain that the small businesses in the area will profit from their membership with the Chandler Chamber Community, that they are offering both a trial membership to preview the advantages, and a 120-day satisfaction guarantee. Should any participant not be fully satisfied with their results at the Chandler Chamber Community, their membership fees will be fully refunded.

Trial membership is free, and is available at

The Chandler Chamber Community is by far the “most effective marketing, networking, and referral opportunity currently available in the area”.

DigiCard Design
Renato Rodic