Trion:Z Revolutionary Ionic/Magnetic Products Now Available in the UK

Trion:Z announces the launch of their industry leading Ionic/Magnetic therapy devices from Japan to the market in the United Kingdom.

Warrington, United Kingdom, March 17, 2007 --( Trion:Z will be available through pro-shops and specialty golf stores from the spring of this year. Trion:Z is endorsed by both David Leadbetter and Butch Harmon.

Trion:Z CEO, Jim Uno, says, “We are excited about the potential of the product line in the UK market, in which the benefits of Trion:Z are relevant to all sporting and leisure activity."

According to Uno, "though the product is relatively new to the United States, it has been highly successful in Japan, where it has been sold for six years and experienced more than 500% growth last year alone." 

Trion:Z took the US market by storm during 2006, and quickly became the #1 therapy product on the professional golf tours. Over 170 professionals on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, and Champions Tour have worn the bracelets (without being paid to) during the company's short existence. Since launching the product in January 2006 at the PGA Merchandise Show, the company has seen rapid growth of its distribution base and sales. 

Trion:Z is the manufacturer of ionic/magnetic products for people with active lifestyles. Trion:Z bracelets and necklaces are made with a unique material called "STAYERS™" which has minus ion-producing minerals woven into the fabric. Trion:Z products release 20 to 100 times the minus-ion power of competing products. Combined with medical-grade magnets, Trion:Z is the most powerful product of its type on the market today. In addition to the presence on the Golf Tours, Trion:Z bracelets and necklaces have also been highly visible on professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, INDY Car, and Tennis.

Paul Hendry
01925 267818