Solar Innovations, Inc. to Debut Revolutionary Universal Clamp for Roof Installation

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial windows and doors; glazed structures; skylights; alternative energy products; introduces the SI9401 Universal Clamp for roof installation.

Pine Grove, PA, June 06, 2011 --( In conjunction with LEED certification plans, Solar Innovations, Inc. recently installed a photovoltaic panel system on their corporate office and manufacturing facility’s roof. In true Solar fashion, and because there was a need within the market, Solar Innovations, Inc. developed the new SI9401 universal clamp, a standing seam roof clamp for the safe attachment of racking and panel systems. Consumers should remain cognizant that some clamps used to attach photovoltaic panels to standing seam roofs require pressure points, which may cause possible holes. Points of wear are never desirable on a roof, no matter how small they appear or how well they are sealed.

The Solar Innovations, Inc. universal clamp is designed to attach loads to flanged materials and standing seam roofing by using a patent pending design that allows for continuous pressure contact against the attachment surface, resulting in no permanent damage to the roof. Installation is simple and the roof is never compromised.

A part called a hammer was designed into the SI9401 clamp, to reduce pressure placed on the seam. The hammers maintain a continuous point of contact with the mounting surface, removing the threat of damage to the roof. This is accomplished by spreading the load of the clamp over the total hammer, rather than the points of two bolts. The hammers can also be included with an insulator if desired, to reduce concerns related to vibration and metal edges. Custom hammers and custom clip lengths can be designed with universal clamps. The SI9401 universal clamp is compatible with the majority of racking systems, not only those installed by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Various hammer designs solve the mounting problems from many flanges, and seams. Currently, Solar has five varieties: Standard Standing Seam, Standard Standing Seam with Insulators, “L” Type Standing Seam, Round Standing Seam, and Thin Standard Standing Seam. The Solar Innovations, Inc. SI9401 Universal Clamp is supplied with the required stainless steel hardware for installation of the clamp, as well as mounting an object to the clamp. This innovative design utilizes an extremely efficient manufacturing process, resulting in quick installation, high performance, and an innovative solution.

If you have questions about the Universal Clamp, renewable energy systems, or if you would like some help deciding which system is best for you, please give us a call at 570-915-1500, then enter '4' for the Renewable Energy Department.

Solar Innovations, Inc.
Melissa Reinhart