Cross-Cultural Competency Redefined

Whether to avoid ethnic violence, redress health disparities, or conduct and ethnic marketing campaign, intercultural competency is increasingly crucial to all. Diversity practitioners are growing in number, but evidence-based expertise is rare. Solidaris Intercultural Services LLC now offers research-based interventions to help governments, NGOs, and businesses build effective relations with cultural minorities of language, religion, and race. Contact Solidaris today.

Washington, DC, March 17, 2007 --( We live in a world of contradiction: cultural distance is felt less and differences more. Intercultural skill and understanding has become a must-have. Many speak of diversity and multiculturalism, of interethnic reconciliation appreciation, but there is much confusion about what cross-cultural competence is, how one gets it, and how to apply it.

Enter Dr. Gregory Meyjes, founder of Solidaris Intercultural Services LLC, an intercultural & international firm based in Falls Church, Virginia. It is specialized in interculturalism “from the ground up” focusing particularly on the inclusion of minorities of language, religion, & race. “We are internationally informed and yet locally trusted, offering truly intercultural win/win solutions that change society for the better,” says Meyjes. Based on his extensive research on cultural attitudes and policies, Solidaris offers a new model for cultural understanding of value to Government and other organizations alike.

In an age of globalization, violent extremism, mounting intercivilizational tensions, and the transnational diversification of societies worldwide, we should take heed.

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