Janco Enterprises Inc. - Private Lavel Manufacturer Reaches Fifteen-year Milestone

Janco Enterprises, Inc. - Women Owned Business marks a successful fifteen year milestone with a niche for small to large businesses and startup companies.

New York, NY, March 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Janco Enterprises, Inc. is a Private Label contractor whose business has something to celebrate after reaching a successful fifteen-year milestone. You might ask what has made this company so successful. Much of the company's success comes about by providing a niche service within the small business clothing and sewn products industry. "Most sewing contractors are reluctant or just refuse altogether work with startup companies, because of the typically small production numbers that they require to get started," said, Janice Grossman, of Janco Enterprises, Inc.

Janice Grossman is the founder and CEO of Janco Enterprises, Inc. and has been working in the textile and apparel business professionally for over 20 years. Janice said,"Her flare for design has helped her to create her own line as well called Enchanted." This CEO is no armchair executive. Her talents are still at work with assisting in much of the hands on work and overseeing most all of the projects from their concept to the production process.

In part, some of Janco Enterprises, Inc. success in providing a niche service for small businesses appears to be due to the fact that so much of the apparel manufacturing industry in the United States has chosen to outsource their employee labor to overseas contractors. Yet, those that still exist here tend to require large capacity orders and are not full service oriented.

Steadily since 1992 and due to the success and business growth of Janco Enterprises, Inc., the company has increased to 5 full-time employees and is presently seeking out a much larger facility and staff to accommodate the ever increasing flurry of phone calls and online work requests.

Janco Enterprises, Inc is a Women Owned Private Label Contractor incorporated business.

About Janco Enterprises, Inc.
Janco Enterprises, Inc. provides contract sewing, pattern work and grading, sample sewing, sourcing of materials and product design and development for small to large business and startup companies.

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