Pixel Ads Growing Exponentially

This new off the wall advertising method is getting advertisers all riled up!

Santa Barbara, CA, October 03, 2005 --(, a unique alternative to your everyday advertising methods has been stirring up quite a bit of buzz selling ‘Pixel Ads’. Thousand of visitors flooded into the website after the official launch on Friday, September 28. The high level of consumer interest has created a very effective word of mouth campaign that is highly aiding in the success of this off the wall advertising venue.

OneBuckPixels has kicked up a bustling interest in advertisers eyes. It didn’t take long to see the rapid maturity of this clever new advertising method. No more than 24 hours later was the first official pixel ad purchased, and a short two hours later when the next would arrive.

Businesses and webmasters can purchase pixel ads on OneBuckPixels for (yes, you guessed it) one buck per pixel. Although the minimum ad buy is 10x10 pixels, advertisers can create larger ads, in any shape or form (assuming it is divisible by the 10x10 ad blocks). One of the most unique features of purchasing pixel ads is the fact that once it is purchased, your ad will remain in place for a minimum of five years. “Advertisements will be placed for an absolute minimum of five years. Although we say five years, we expect the website to live for much longer and anticipate its lifeline to be well over ten years.” - Says CEO Jason Rodriguez.

The OneBuckPixels pixel grid consists of 1,000,000 pixels or 10,000 total ad blocks, meaning that advertisements are limited. So where is the site to go once the 1,000,000 pixels are sold? According to Rodriguez “The site will continue to grow, even after our inventory is filled. We are working on a few ideas as to what we can do to continue the growth and keep consumers interested. I can assure you that this site will not die and will continue to work in both the consumers and advertisers benefit over the years.”

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