Teknek Stretches the Contact Cleaning Operating Window

Glasgow, United Kingdom, June 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- In response to changing market requirements, Teknek has introduced extra wide Nanocleen plus adhesive rolls to complement its market-leading range of contact cleaning equipment.

Nanocleen Plus adhesive rolls are now available in widths up to 2150mm wide, making them ideal for use in wide web contact cleaning applications. In the past if a web was wider that 1500mm, two adhesive rolls had to be butted together on a common shaft, which could potentially lead to gaps in cleaning performance, misalignment of the adhesive rolls and mismatch when the rolls were replenished.

Now Teknek can ensure that the cleaning of the elastomer roller is 100% and consistent across the full width of the roller.

The new Nanocleen Plus adhesive rolls also have an offset edge cut which will reduce the vibrations created at higher speeds.

Teknek’s Nanocleen plus adhesive rolls provide a 100% silicone free product plus it now features static dissipating properties. These properties are essential when manufacturing thin film coatings and high value optical films.

Ruaridh Nicolson, sales and marketing manager, Teknek said: “When combined with our Nanocleen cleaning core, the ultra-wide adhesive rolls provide the ultimate high performance contact cleaning solution to maximise yields and reduce waste for our customers.”

He added: “Teknek listen to the changing market requirements. The new wide adhesive roll format is the latest proof of our investment in research and development and process of continual product development.”

For further information please visit www.teknek.com or call +44(0)141 568 8100.

Rory Nicolson