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Daniel S. Pena, Sr., Announces His New 7 Day QLA Castle Wealth Creation Event, From 30th Nov – 7th December 2005 - “The Quantum Leap Advantage® Seminar, That Will Help The Participants Become Richer And More Successful Than They Ever Dreamed Possible!

Scotland, United Kingdom, October 04, 2005 --( Mr. Daniel S Pena, Sr, “The $400 Million Man,” Chairman of The Guthrie Group and the author of “Your First 100 Million,” announces his New 7 Day QLA Castle Event, scheduled from Nov 30th – Dec 6th, 2005, at his personal home and estate Guthrie Castle, Guthrie, Scotland. Due to popular request he has reinstated the 7 day original Castle Extravaganza recently updated for 2005! His seminar is one of a kind in the world and a lifetime opportunity to learn the exact strategies and tactics used by Mr. Pena to build a $445 Million company in less than 8 years from scratch. He relates how ordinary people with a dream have used, since 1993, the same methods and precepts to fulfill their own dreams. And he will have a number of his successful Mentees in attendance. And these Mentees are paying, yet again, to receive more of Mr. Pena’s sage business advice! You can ask yourself why? But the answer is very clear!

Mr. Pena says, “You won’t get this information in any book. There’s no seminar in the world that will give you million-dollar advice on building a business from scratch! Or taking your existing business to the next 3 or 4 levels.” The participants will be the fortunate few to attend this incredible event, which is presented by Dan Pena in-person live. In 7 intense days, Mr. Pena will reveal more about business and success than anyone has learned to date. Mr. Dan Pena says, “If you want to make more money, you’ll have to do things differently. You will have to do things you never even thought of doing in the past. You will have to do things out of your comfort zone.” In his 7 day information packed seminar, Mr. Pena will be sharing the “Eleven Steps to Success” anyone can follow to become super-rich; how to change the way we think about business and make the kind of money others envy; how to overcome the fear factor of making a lot of money: how should one react to your “gut feelings”; how to tap into the time-tested and proven strategies of the movers and shakers; the real truth about mistakes; how to build a Dream Team to help fulfill your dreams now and not later; the best time to sell a business; how to buy a business; how to make “Power Of Perception” work for your Quantum Growth Plan; how to turn the tide on financial institutions; how to overcome the fear of failure; how to attract high performance people to your dream; how to improve your leadership skills; how to greatly enhance your self esteem and self worth; how to get lawyers, bankers, accountants and other professionals to work for the business for no money till you succeed; and many more powerful secrets, strategies, tools and tactics required to make a lot of money in any business now and not later. He further discusses about how to set up your QLA action plan, in four different areas (1) Growth - arithmetic, geometric, exponential, quantum (2) Working Capital (Raising Capital) - OPM (3) Financing - Internal Growth (Raising Capital) - OPM (4) Acquisitions - External Growth (Deals and Acquisitions) and much more.

Mr.Pena’s earlier participants who are called QLA Devotees and Mentees include celebrity personalities, professional atheletes, leading industrialist and other luminaries like Ron LeGrand (USA), Beryl Crump (Canada), Deann and George Verdier (USA), Bruce Whipple (USA), Bodo Schaeffer (GERMANY), Michael Pierce (USA), L B Burke (USA), Casey Stephenson (USA), Frank Slangen (Nehterlands), Winneke Liefbroer (Netherlands), Shawn Casey (USA), Errol Maynard (Netherlands), Tony Ward (Ireland), Oliver Schmalhotz (Austria), Colin Chapman (Netherlands), Ted Nicholas (Swiss), Ed Taylor (USA), Tim Cohn (USA), Emerson Brantley (USA), Don Taylor (USA), Dale Bullough (USA), Heiko Faass (Germany) and countless others.

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