Braxton-Bragg, LLC Would Like to Announce the Appointment of Andrew Geronimo to Its Staff of Sales Associates

Braxton-Bragg, LLC would like to announce the appointment of Andrew Geronimo to its staff of Sales Associates. Andrew specializes in handling their Spanish-speaking clientele.

Knoxville, TN, June 19, 2011 --( When Geronimo moved to beautiful East Tennessee six years ago, little did he realize that his career path would lead him to work for one of the premier stone industry tool suppliers. Although he was born in the U.S., his parents are from Honduras, and he grew up speaking Spanish exclusively in the home. Learning English starting in grade school, he now speaks it perfectly; one cannot detect the slightest accent upon speaking with him. He also has basic knowledge of Italian: very helpful in conversing with Braxton-Bragg’s Italian clients and vendors.

Trained at the prestigious Culinary School of the Art Institute of New York, where he was born and raised, Andrew spent many years working in the high-end restaurant business, where his list of credentials is impressive. He has also worked at financial institutions in East Tennessee, where he currently lives with his wife Amanda, and his young sons Aiden and Landon.

But it was his love of his native tongue that led him to Braxton-Bragg.

“I understood there was a need for a Sales Associate who could work with Latin-American customers,” said Geronimo from his office in the Sales Wing of Braxton-Bragg Headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. “I had to think over the decision to move away from the career path where I thought I would always be.”

There has always been a customer base at Braxton-Bragg of Spanish-speaking fabricators and shop owners/managers. In recent years the need has risen sharply to accommodate these clients. Braxton-Bragg is very fortunate to have Andrew fill this requirement. He is very inquisitive and willing to work hard to learn everything he can about his chosen field. Every day sees him darting here and there, asking questions, studying product lines, investigating production methods, so that he can be as informed as the rest of the knowledgeable sales representatives at Braxton-Bragg. He really feels he has found a home at Braxton-Bragg, where he can give the same “personal touch” that other Braxton-Bragg salesmen are known for.

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Stacie Wingo