SalesGuard to Help Stimulate the Economy by Training and Recruiting New Agents

SalesGuard is opening its doors to bring on and hire new agents and provide all the training.

Westlake Village, CA, June 19, 2011 --( Business protection company SalesGuard is offering qualified agents training and resources to support its ambitious initiative to become the standard in business coverage. Through various online venues, SalesGuard hopes to train teams of agents to be distributors of its unique product.

SalesGuard has amassed a portfolio of resources to help individuals and business entities become SalesGuard agents. Whether they already sell insurance policies, work in a similar industry or are completely green to the product or field, SalesGuard has a vast training repertoire to assist anyone in being SalesGuard experts in the shortest time possible. Their resources include training webinars, one-on-one communication, marketing materials, training manuals, mirror websites and even instructions on setting up a social media presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

There are already many agents in the field selling SalesGuard independently or alongside the other products they provide to businesses. Everyday SalesGuard is adding more to its distribution channels while providing training daily. As its numbers swell and continue to grow, more people see the benefit of having cash coverage when they need it. SalesGuard is quickly proving its prediction to be seen as a required service for every qualified business.

SalesGuard provides cash coverage and protection for every business needs. Since SalesGuard is not insurance or a loan, there is no upfront cost or monthly premium. You only incur an expense if and when you use it. With SalesGuard, many businesses are able to stay current with their landlord, cover a short fall, make necessary loan payments, and even supplement payroll. Many Financial Institutions, Leasing Companies and Insurance Agents are offering SalesGuard for greater security and protection that on time payments are always made.

“There are many opportunities here for people to really make some money while providing a great service to businesses all over the country. We want to give these new agents everything they need to make SalesGuard the best in business coverage and provide it to every qualified business. We want people, whether our employees, agents or customers to say, SalesGuard was the best decision they ever made,” said Charles Brown, Director of Business Development.

The goal of the Company has been to help out businesses with 24/7 cash protection and coverage available anytime a business needs it. Because access to cash is critical in protecting businesses, it’s no wonder why tens of thousands of businesses nationwide already have SalesGuard. SalesGuard is an essential safety net for all businesses to help deal with any unexpected emergency or business financial shortfall.

If you'd like more information about becoming a SalesGuard agent, please visit or call (888) 838 – 1717, or e-mail

Christopher Roberts
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