, the Fastest Growing Social Media Management Company, Launches - the Website That Houses the Company's First Line of Social Media Products

SociallyBuzz continues to successfully provide freestanding businesses with an active social media presence. Multiple case studies prove that their BuzzBadges increase traffic, awareness, and businesses social media presence by as much as 60%.

Miami Beach, FL, June 20, 2011 --( SociallyBuzz is proud to announce its first line of social media awareness products, the BuzzBadges. There is an array of products of different materials, sizes, and shapes to choose from. The selection ranges from window and door clings, to stickers, printed napkins, and displays for countertops and tables. Each product tastefully informs the customer that they can check-in through Foursquare, or Facebook places, and/or could connect with the establishment through Facebook and Twitter.

Why Foursquare/Facebook Places? What is the significance of location-based services? How does it truly benefit a business?

The number of people making use of location-based services, both nationwide and internationally, is steadily increasing by the millions. Users use their smartphones to "check-in" to establishments they are visiting, which allows their social media network of connections to be aware of places they attended/frequent. The fact that this information is being broadcasted to a broader audience increases awareness of the establishment. The establishment, in turn, could offer specials for their customers to be unlocked once users "check-in." This, in addition to reviews that the users have the option of posting, creates an increasing reach of knowledge which is just as valued as word-of-mouth, because it is stemming from an intimate source.

The strategically displayed, and properly distributed BuzzBadges have proved to be beneficial for each of the establishments they were tested on. The social awareness of each establishment increased significantly within a matter of days, which led to increased business, increased followings on social media, and new groups of loyal customers.

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Andrea Johnson