Advanced Cerametrics, Inc. is Proud to Announce the Promotion of Dr. Farhad Mohammadi

Lambertville, NJ, June 25, 2011 --( Dr. Mohammadi received his Doctorate in Materials Engineering from Rutgers University in the area of piezoelectric actuators and sensors. He joined ACI in 2001 and since worked as a senior research scientist and later as the Director of Research and Development leading numerous projects in the field. He currently serves as a member of the Executive Committee Management Team. Dr. Mohammadi has served as the principal investigator for numerous DoD-funded projects including “Energy Harvesting for Wireless Network Systems” and “Radomes for Hyper Speed Missile Radomes.” His research interests include piezoelectric sensors and actuators, energy harvesting systems, ferroelectric single crystals, piezoelectric composites, and advanced structural ceramics. He is a member of The American Ceramic Society, Materials Research Society, Ultrasonics, and Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society of IEEE. He has several patents and published numerous peerreviewed journals.

About Advanced Cerametrics Inc.

Energy from motion™
Advanced Cerametrics, Inc. (ACI) pioneered the technology to manufacture ceramic in a flexible fiber form. This technology inexpensively captures the positive properties of ceramics (electrical, thermal, chemical, mechanical) and eliminates the negatives of brittleness and weight.

ACI’s ceramic fibers and their composite forms offer breakthrough solutions for energy harvesting, active vibration control, and advanced materials. The Energy Harvestor™ provides perpetual electric power from vibration. Active Vibration Control™ uses piezo fiber composites to improve structural performance. ACI’s smart materials offer advanced properties for military, medical, industrial and consumer applications.

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