Disaster Recovery One Launches Congtingency Planning Tool for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Corpus Christi, TX, March 26, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The Corpus Christi firm, Disaster Recovery One announced that it will be launching a new and revolutionary product into the contingency planning marketplace.

Chief Operations Officer Timothy Koch said, "The DR1 QuickPlan gives small - medium size business owners similar planning that some of the larger organizations have experienced for several years. QuickPlan is not a template approach to contingency planning. It gives the small - medium size business owner the attention that his/her organization deserves."

Disaster Recovery One is committed to ensuring business survival in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Check them out online at www.DisasterRecoveryOne.com.

The impact that QuickPlan has on the community is astounding. As summarized by CEO Bruce Aquilina, "QuickPlan is exactly what the contingency planning industry has lacked for several years, a solution for the small to midsize organization. When a small business closes its doors after a disaster, lives are affected. Not just the lives of the owners but also its employees, customers, and community. We have a solution."

Disaster Recovery One senior management spends its time raising awareness in Corpus Christi. They sit in on focus groups and work with local and federal firms that also try to help small businesses. Bruce Aquilina says, "It’s sad to see how many people are unaware that there is a preventative solution before disaster happens. Most people will wait until after the disaster, thinking that it will not happen to them and then sometimes it’s too late."

Disaster Recovery One can be reached online or you can email them at PR@DisasterRecoveryOne.com

Bruce Aquilina

Disaster Recovery One
Bruce Aquilina