Businesses Play Catch Up with New Low Cost Business App Creation Software from clearString

clearString is a new Free to low-cost Application Development platform designed for SMBs. It enables ordinary business users to develop and deploy their own custom business applications without scripting, programming or having specialist technical skills. clearString can also create instant ‘private-clouds’ for corporate social-networks, virtual deal-room document exchanges, local medical-records sharing (Patient Portals), and anywhere that data ownership is important.

Hartford, CT, July 19, 2011 --( clearString’ now brings big-business systems to SMBs at an affordable price.

Every business should approach their customer base just like major online retailers do - by capturing data, processing transactions and interacting proactively. Every transaction should be passed through the Web to extract the maximum value for their business.

The cost savings and growth opportunities of transferring business processes to the Internet are obvious to everyone - but adoption rates are desperately low among SMBs because programming business-specific applications from scratch is much harder to do than anyone allows for. Competent business-process aware programmers are hard to find and expensive to employ.

While large businesses can afford specialist platforms to directly leverage their own skills base and internal knowledge to create custom applications without using scripting languages, managing databases or writing a line of code, until now, no-one has has been able to offer such capabilities at an affordable price.

clearString is a codeless application and web development platform that is very easy to use. It enables an ordinary business to create rich and flexible multi-user web and data applications that can be both created and delivered across the Internet.

clearString does not require knowledge of programming, Java or coding and works in an ordinary Windows environment. There is no other system that matches its depth and scope with ease of use; applications created in clearString are robust, reliable and maintainable, and never need to have thousands of lines of code debugged. That's what makes clearString a uniquely disruptive software platform.

clearString’s ‘pre-coded’ components mean that it is uniquely 100% codeless at the point of use.

"Our goal is to make world-class Internet technology affordable, so taking a 100% contrarian view of the world brings great business benefits," says David Rose, CEO of clearString. David gives three examples:

1. Windows - not Linux
Businesses use MS Windows. They already own licenses and they already have in-house expertise: so clearString is a Windows based platform.

2. Proprietary - not Open Source
clearString is not a mash-up of open-source code. clearString is written clean from the ground up.

3. Total control over data
clearString software can install on the businesses own machines and automatically create its own private cloud-environment. This means businesses know exactly where their data is stored and who has access to it.

The public cloud works very well for consumer services, but businesses need to keep tight control over data. Businesses are subject to data regulation and rules restricting data-location, and control over data disclosure by subpoena. And, in a world where you don’t trust the chap along the corridor, no business wants to surrender access to their data to nameless operators in India, Iceland or even Idaho.

If you are a large Enterprise then the solution is easy - you create a ‘private’ cloud, so you can build your apps and tightly control access to your data. But what can the vast numbers of SMBs do, without the technical or financial resources to run their own data-center?

The answer is clearString.

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