United Release Announces New Business Development Services

San Antonio, TX, July 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- United Release Corporation (URC), a company that specializes in business development is adding new services to its already new service line. The new services have been announced as customer relations development, corporate expansion and venture capital consulting.

United Release added these services because it believes each one is essential to developing a business and turning a small business into a large enterprise.

“Our new business development services allow businesses to diversify and grow through our substantial knowledge in business development. At United Release, our goal is to empower innovation while providing services that assist in crucial areas of business,” said Bryce Thomas, President and CEO of United Release Corporation.

United Release’s customer relations development service will help midsize and large business’s create new relationships with potential customers. Mr. Thomas said this service will help to maintain a business’s customer base which is essential in expanding a business.

Corporate expansion is more than just adding new customers, the new corporate expansion service offered by United Release focuses on reaching new markets by using various marketing techniques, providing analysis of the market in that area and partnering with other reputable companies.

Another vital new service United Release offers is venture capital consulting. Mr. Thomas said, “This may be the most important asset to a new business or businesses that are looking to go public.”

Venture capital can help your business expand and give you a competitive edge over your competition. Untied Release will consult with several venture capital companies to bring in more capital to you at a lesser cost.

These are just three new services United Release added to its already large service line. For more information you may visit www.unitedrelease.com.

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