National Office Systems’ Asset-Tracking Software Wins Gold Medal for Innovation

Gaithersburg, MD, July 17, 2011 --( Cutting-edge software for managing office furniture and other assets using RFID technology has earned a gold medal as Most Innovative New Technology for its developer, National Office Systems (NOS).

SAM, the Systematic Asset Management application, blends use of radio frequency identification, bar coding and color coding to automate tracking of records, furniture, documents, inventory, evidence and other assets.

The award was presented at the recent NeoCon 2011 conference in Chicago to Spacefile, a Canadian firm that has marketed SAM as Spacefile Asset Tracking. NOS and Spacefile have collaborated on several projects that customize the application to fit the needs and resources of companies and agencies.

NeoCon is North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. The event annually spotlights innovative products and resources for professionals who design corporate, hospitality, health care, retail, government, institutional and residential interiors.

“It’s great to take home the gold for a product that helps companies operate more securely and efficiently,” says J.D. Diaz, Director of Professional Services for NOS. “The NeoCon Gold Medal for Most Innovative New Technology acknowledges the creative process at NOS that results in products like SAM."

“If you can tag it, we can track it,” says Diaz. “SAM is the first to combine different indexing features, like RFID and bar coding, to control the whereabouts of any equipment, weapons, records, furniture or other assets. It’s cost effective and efficient.”

SAM first indexes a firm’s items with unique RFID tags, color-coding, text and bar codes, then identifies the location and status of each piece, Diaz explains. If an item changes hands or location, that activity is tracked, allowing missing records and assets to be quickly recovered. Access to files, proprietary information, evidence, weapons and other vital assets is carefully controlled to minimize security breaches. SAM also helps companies comply with government and industry regulations, and it reduces staff time and operating costs, he adds.

From its Montgomery County headquarters, NOS has helped companies, government agencies, professional practices and institutions improve productivity, reduce costs and save space for three decades. In 2010, the company was named one of Maryland’s Top 53 Businesses by The Gazette Newspapers, and NOS played a critical role in the 2009 LEED gold, silver and bronze designations awarded to one of its clients for using recycled materials in the installation of replacement shelving and for recycling the older units.

In addition to its high density and mobile shelving and storage units, NOS is the nation’s largest provider of automated storage and retrieval systems, biometric asset protection, radio frequency identification applications, and file-tracking and records-management software.

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Joe Alvarez