Guatemala Expo Shows Growth in Guatemalan Franchise Sector

Mr. Boroian’s trip to these Francorp offices increased their presence in Central America through a recent surge capitalizing on entrepreneurship and franchising.

Chicago, IL, August 03, 2011 --( Francorp Chairman, Don Boroian, recently returned from the Guatemalan Franchise and Industrial Expo, which showcases the most important franchise ideas, trends, successes, and governmental support in the Guatemalan franchise market sponsored in part by Francorp Guatemala, a franchisee of Francorp, the world leading franchise consultant group. While in attendance at the Guatemalan Franchise and Industrial Expo, Mr. Boroian was a guest speaker at several events, conducted seminars for 300 attendees consisting of Guatemalan government officials and media, met with clients and prospective clients of Francorp Central America, and received several awards and recognitions. Mr. Boroian’s trip to these Francorp offices increased their presence in Central America through a recent surge capitalizing on entrepreneurship and franchising.

Complimenting the Expo, Mr. Boroian interacted with the media in Central America through scheduled appearances on several television shows and participating in newspaper and trade journal interviews. Accompanying Mr. Boroian with these multiple appearances were Ramon Vinay, President of Francorp International, and Jose “Pepe” Fernado, Director General of Francorp Central America. Throughout these appearances Mr. Boroian said, “Make no mistake, Guatemala is no third world country. It is very sophisticated, cutting edge, replete with incredibly talented and creative business people with some outstanding companies, concepts and people.”

Over the years Guatemala has cultivated tremendous governmental support for franchising. Several government officials attended the events and voiced strong support and recognition of the contribution franchising has made in Guatemala. As an example, Don Boroian was quick to point out the success of Pollo Compero, a company with over 300 units that Francorp franchised in 1994. Pollo Compero is a highly respected household brand, not only in Guatemala and Central America, but worldwide as well.

Francorp helps prove how franchising is an established system for businesses seeking expansion. Guatemala itself has 65 businesses which have used the franchise expansion model within the past 15 years. There are 300 franchise chains throughout Central America. 65 of these franchises are domestically related to Guatemala who leads all other countries in the region, followed by Panama and Costa Rica with 15 domesticated franchises respectively.

While speaking at the 2011 Induexpo Don Boroian stated, “Franchising is a great development opportunity for Guatemalan businesses.” Mr. Boroian continued to state one of the advantages to franchising in this country is the cost of franchising a business is one-third of the cost compared to other countries. Reaffirming franchising is an ideal strategy for businesses within Guatemala seeking expansion, Salvador Contreras, COO of Al Macarone, a pizzeria concept located in Guatemala said, “For us it’s become an instrument to reach markets and outlets.”

In addition to appearances and interviews in Guatemala, Mr. Boroian was honored during a graduation ceremony for the InterNations University, the first franchise business class in strategic alliance with Francorp and the Guatemalan Franchise Association. Mr. Boroian gave a speech covering Francorp’s contribution and efforts to the franchise education in the world today. Jose “Pepe” Fernando has been appointed Professor of the franchise course being offered by InterNations University. He plays a major role in organizing and directing the Guatemalan Franchise Association. In doing so, Jose “Pepe” Fernando is developing a reputation for himself and Francorp as the unquestioned ultimate authority of franchising for the entire region.

Mr. Boroian founded Francorp, a franchise consulting firm with 20 office locations worldwide, in 1976. Francorp has been helping businesses achieve the next level of success through franchise expansion. Francorp has consulted with over 10,000 companies and helped over 2,000 businesses making it the world’s oldest and largest franchise consulting firm. While at Francorp, clients receive the expertise and experience needed to help expand their business to the next level. Francorp has had 112 of the Franchise 500 proving the work produced by the professionals in each department is setting their clients up for success.

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David Wild