Termites: A Very Tenacious Pest - From Peachtree Pest Control

Norcross, GA, March 31, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In Georgia they have a saying for the houses that are not treated for termites, “there are two kinds of houses, the ones with termites and the ones that are going to have termites”. That is because Georgia is ranked number 3 in terms of termite activity. 

This is swarm season as they call it in the pest control industry. Termites swarm at this time of year to establish new colonies. The winged swarmers, called reproductives, fly out from wherever their exit tubes are and look like a cloud of flying ants or giant gnats. They go with the wind currents and mate and the newly fertilized queen lands and looks for a good spot to make her nest. 

Now these exit tubes can be basically anywhere that is suitable, even at a pest control facility. Well sure enough, Mr. Corey Arnold, CEO of Peachtree Pest Control was visiting one of his branches in Oconee when he noticed a swarm of them flying past the office window. He went outside and followed the wind current and found them coming out of a landscaping railroad tie outside the building. He said he couldn’t help but chuckle because his first thought was “the audacity of these things, to pick one of my pest control buildings to swarm near”. This just goes to prove and show the tenacity of termites. They are Mother Natures way of getting rid of old wood, any old wood, even that which is right outside of a building that houses the very people that are trained and just as, if not more, tenacious at eradicating them and protecting their clients homes and establishments. 

Peachtree Pest Control (www.peachtreepestcontrol.com) has been Protecting Health and Environment since 1976. Founded by Mr. Stephen M. Arnold, Peachtree has remained family owned and operated, with all of the customer care you would expect from a friend and neighbor. 

From those humble beginnings, Peachtree Pest Control has constantly improved and expanded. They now have five offices in North Georgia (Norcross, Roswell, Morrow, Oconee, and Warner Robins) and two offices in South Georgia (Savannah and Brunswick). Over the years, they have expanded their base of services to include Pest Control, Termite Control, Mosquito Control, Lawn and Ornamental Service, Moisture and Fungus Control, Mold Treatment for New Construction, and Bioremediation Service. 

The Pest Control Store (www.thepestcontrolstore.com) has been an integral part of their Georgia operation since 1985. Their team of experts, all Pest Control Operators, have provided "Professional Products and Professional Advice" to homeowners and do-it-yourself customers from their stores ever since. Now, through the power of the Internet, they can offer their products and advice outside the confines of a physical location.

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Ray Hess