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Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, Explains the Keys to Superior Customer Experience on The CEO TV Show with Robert Reiss

Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, explains the keys to superior customer experience on The CEO TV Show with Robert Reiss and how it is “all about the customer.” Hsieh also relates how many companies misplace their focus, identifies the most important marketing and branding tool, and gives his thoughts on the “social media.” Later in the interview on the CEO TV Show, Hsieh talks about other things that contribute to successful businesses and their growth.

Ridgefield, CT, August 13, 2011 --( This week on "The CEO TV Show" (, CEO, Tony Hsieh explains some of the keys things companies should think about to provide superior customer service. For Hsieh, it is "all about the customer." Without customers, there is no business. He tells how many companies misplace their focus by looking to systems that speed up customer transactions - "the churn" - to move on to the next customer. He believes this is missing the point; word-of-mouth remains the most effective marketing and branding tool available to a company. Therefore, Zappos focuses on creating and maximizing a "superior customer experience" which in turn generates word-of-mouth.

"We're more interested in 'hi-touch' instead of 'hi-tech'," Hsieh says, "We find the telephone is an overlooked branding tool. Superior customer experience takes time, so we're not in a hurry to get off the phone with a customer or prospect; it is our gateway to building our brand, and growing our business."

When it comes to innovation, Hsieh quotes Darwin: "It isn't the fastest, or strongest, or smartest who survive change, but the most adaptable. It's the same with business. So we have to always be thinking of how to adapt our business, systems, and model to stay in business. If we have an employee with a good idea who is passionate about it, we let them run with it because we never know if it will be a breakthrough."

Reiss asks Hsieh about his thoughts on "social media": Hsieh responds, "I hate that term. In fact, if anyone uses it in my presence, they owe me $1!" To find out why he feels this way about social media, as well as other insights on superior customer experience in Tony Hsieh’s own words, go to

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