eMeetingsOnline Announces Aja Consulting Software Development Services

eMeetingsOnline has created Aja Consulting, a software development services company focused on the meetings, incentive, conference, and event industry. A rapidly changing technology landscape require more agile approach to managing software, Aja provides that approach with an intimate understanding of the industry.

Englewood, CO, August 13, 2011 --(PR.com)-- eMeetingsOnline, the leader in highly customizable event registration software, announced a new service the for fall of 2011. Aja Consulting is the new custom software development and application integration division of eMeetingsOnline.

The world of technology is moving at a breakneck pace, and nowhere is this more true than in the meetings, incentive, conference, and event industry. This industry is committed to providing amazing experiences for every possible taste and increasingly that taste is for continuous access to conference and organization information on any electronic device. This is a significant challenge for organizations that manage conferences, a challenge multiplied when information is contained in legacy software systems. eMeetingsOnline saw clients who desperately needed help keeping up with the pace of change in technology while keeping their legacy systems relevant and started Aja Consulting in response to those needs.

“One of the keys to using technology effectively is by combining different data sets to provide a richer view of the landscape,” said Business Development Manager Jeremiah Fellows. “This presents challenges as more and more data is held in disparate locations and controlled by many different stakeholders. It is becoming imperative to pull this information together in order to have a strategic view of the industry and the constituents served. Merging Facebook or Twitter data with information in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, for example, can provide much deeper insight into constituent behaviors and attitudes resulting in a better product for attendees. We designed Aja's service offerings to help our clients extend the life of their existing software and build new capabilities through integration.”

Aja consulting provides a complete ecosystem of IT services with unique insight into the events industry forged through 20 years developing conference specific tools. Aja analyzes business processes, designs solutions that take into account the entire organization ecosystem, develops the solution side by side with the end users, supports the software through its lifecycle, and modifies the solution as the organization and technology requirements evolve.

Aja Consulting is currently providing software development for the ConferenceVue.com project as well as the eMeetingsOnline suite of event registration tools. Aja consulting is also providing SaS 70 hosting services and infrastructure management services for ConferenceVue.com and eMeetingsOnline.

About eMeetingsOnline - eMeetingsOnline is the leading online registration software that enables organizations to create highly customized websites for management of complex event and conference registration. For additional information, please see http://www.emeetingsonline.com.

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