Turbines Inc. Appoints Ken Nugent Director of Business Development

Ken Nugent will add critical mass to market share acquisition objectives across multiple venues domestically and globally for the engineered turbine meter group including the critical Cryogenic metering market with state of the art Turbines Inc. cryogenic delivery products and services.

Altus, OK, August 12, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Turbines Inc.(TI), a design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing firm headquartered in Altus, Oklahoma with facilities in Seneca, SC has named Ken Nugent its Director of Business Development for the Engineered Turbine Meter Group. Positioned at the Turbines R&D, LLC facility in South Carolina, TRDLLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Turbines, Inc., and is focused on research and development of new products and technology, technical support, marketing and sales of the growing engineered turbine flow meter product and service range of the TI business platform.

Over more than a decade, TI has established a coveted position in the US and western Canada amongst oil producers who have come to rely upon the durable, accurate, cost effective, and expertly supported turbine flow meter product line extensively deployed with great success in water flood applications.

TRDLLC was formed about two years ago, executing on a strategy to expand the product range and service capability of the TI business platform, in order to achieve market diversification with global reach.

Says Dezi G. Halmi, a principal in the company; ”TI already had a well established team of manufacturing and metering professionals nurturing its core business; we were extremely fortunate to attract a nucleus of professionals, expert and experienced in the engineered turbine meter field, around whom to build the TRD operation in Seneca two years ago. Bringing Ken Nugent into this flourishing enterprise adds significantly to the capability, capacity, expertise and experience of this world-class organization, and will assure continuing success and growth with total dedication to keeping our customers and their best interests in the forefront of considerations!”

Mr. Nugent, who had recently served as Cryogenic Manager at a rival company, comes to Turbines Inc. with 30+ years of experience in the Cryogenic industry including Field Service, Engineering management and development. Previously, he also served as Engineering Manager and later V.P. of Operations for one of the top manufacturer’s of cryogenic products in the USA for 25 years. His extensive experience includes years of service with LINDE/BOC Gases (in Field Service engineering) and with ELDEC, supplier of the only Mass Flowmeter in existence, at the time, for BOEING Commercial aircraft.

Nugent possesses an EET from Western Washington University and 6 years with the US Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician.

In addition to his primary Business Development role, Nugent will work with the Turbines R&D team to continually develop and improve engineered products, service and business growth in other markets for Turbines Inc. and the affiliated enterprises of the Primary Flow Signal, Inc., family of companies.

Nugent lives in Seneca, SC., and may be reached at KNugent@Turbinesincorporated.com

Turbines Inc.
Terrie Nicholson