Las Vegas Garage Door Expert Says Failing to Maintain Garage Doors is Dangerous to Family and Pets

Owner of Damian Douglas Garage Door cautions against neglecting garage doors; they could become safety hazards for those around, especially children and family pets.

Las Vegas, NV, August 18, 2011 --( The garage door is the largest moving object in the home. In most cases, it operates efficiently without incidents. As a result, many homeowners fail to pay attention to it and that could be dangerous.

Failure to maintain your garage door could make them safety hazards, according to Damian Douglas, owner of Las Vegas, NV based garage door service company, Damian Douglas Garage Door.

“Homeowners overlook their garage doors. We get in our cars, hit a button and off we go,” he said. “Our children sometimes use the garage door as the front door should be used or maybe they come home from school and use the keyless entry to get inside instead of having a key.”

He added that if not maintained properly, garage doors could be very dangerous.

“The garage door can be a dangerous part of everyone’s home if it goes without proper maintenance and service. I have seen the worst with garage doors in my 16 years and heard a lot worse from my family which has been in the door business for over 30 years.”

He cautioned that garage doors require a yearly service check to ensure they are functioning properly. “Your garage door needs to be checked every year to make sure it is properly balanced. Again as homeowners, you are not going to know what’s going on with your garage door until it is too late and something breaks.”

“Most of us just hit the button day in and day out without ever considering the potential for something to happen. How often do homeowners pay attention to all the moving parts of a garage door and its opener? We do not pay attention to our garage doors often enough. Some of us don’t pay attention to them at all.”

He said that is enough reason to have yearly visits from garage door service professionals, like Damian Douglas Garage Door. “That is exactly why we all have to have our garage doors inspected at least once a year by a professional garage door company.

“Failure to do this could turn your garage door into a safety hazard to your family, especially children, and your pets. They are easily hurt by garage doors that suddenly close or with malfunctioning door openers,” he added.

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