StacoSwitch Offers Panel Assembly to Increase Production Rates for Customers

Costa Mesa, CA, April 04, 2007 --( In response to the increasing number of customer requests, StacoSwitch recently announced they will expand their offering of complete panel assembly production. Customers will enjoy one-part ordering for complete turnkey control panels. Panel assembly production will reduce customer’s assembly time, increase production rates, and decrease purchasing and inventory time.

StacoSwitch started out by supplying complete panel systems at the request of a few long-term customers struggling to reduce their supply chain and in-house assembly time. As a result of an increase in their orders, improved production rates were essential for higher profit margins. One solution was to procure complete sub assemblies thereby reducing unit assembly time and ordering procedures.

To maintain a customer-centric business model, StacoSwitch was willing to take on a number of panel assembly projects and satisfied several ready-to-install, custom control panel orders. Kevin Judd, VP of Marketing at StacoSwitch says, “By working with us, they were able to define their true needs and take advantage of our assembly and integration strengths.”

StacoSwitch knew their half a century of switch design and installation experience would give them the edge their customers were looking for. Not only were these company’s production rates improved but their ordering procedures improved as well. Instead of ordering parts from several different suppliers and maintaining large inventories, they were able to work with one supplier and one part number.

Due to the panel program’s success, StacoSwitch correctly assumed other customers would be receptive to panel assembly as well. Full-service panel assembly is now a service all customers can benefit from. Judd says, “The first few systems we did were done as a favor for some choice customers, but it turned out that panel assembly is a valuable service that many of our customers are interested in.”

Based in Southern California, StacoSwitch has been a provider of Lighted Pushbutton Display Switches, Rugged Keyboards, and Lighting and Switching Electronic Controllers worldwide for almost half a century. Additionally, StacoSwitch offers LED products, and full-service Kiosk services. Ph 714.549.3041, Fax 714.549.0930, web site, or via email Shop online at

Michelle McCann