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Peter Cuneo, ex-CEO of Marvel, Describes Secrets for Successful Turnarounds to Robert Reiss on "The CEO TV Show"

Peter Cuneo, ex-turnaround CEO for Marvel Entertainment and eight other companies, identifies the secrets of successful turnarounds to Robert Reiss, host of "The CEO TV Show" in this week's episode. Cuneo highlights what any CEO facing a corporate turnaround should know and he explains how as the leader, the CEO is “totally responsible for what’s good in a company and deserves total blame for everything that goes wrong.” From that overly simple picture, he describes a more inclusive view.

Ridgefield, CT, August 27, 2011 --( Peter Cuneo, ex-turnaround CEO for Marvel Entertainment, and seven other companies, describes some of the secrets to successful turnarounds to Robert Reiss, host of "The CEO TV Show" in this week's episode. In this episode Cuneo describes eight different things that any CEO facing a corporate turnaround should know, the first being leadership.

Cuneo highlights how the CEO in a turnaround situation must have a vision and must communicate that vision constantly, ensuring employees understand their role in fulfilling the vision. Inevitably every turnaround brings with it an atmosphere of uncertainty, Cuneo says the CEO's #1 role is to clearly state his vision, set an objective, and keep everyone in the company focused. Getting the right people who can buy-into the vision and work in an uncertain environment is also critical.

"The media always makes out that the CEO is absolutely omnipotent - that they are totally responsible for what's good in a company, and they deserve total blame for everything that goes wrong. Of course, reality is completely different: the truth is CEOs always need great people to support them if they are going to succeed," Cuneo emphasizes.

The second secret to successful turnarounds is execution according to Cuneo. "Strategy is actually very easy - it's not hard to figure out what has to be done: and it isn't just cutting costs. In fact, that's probably the biggest fallacy about turning around a business. The real key is performing every day on the little things - getting your product out the door to your customers to satisfy them - that's what really matters."

Cuneo also addresses understanding the competitive environment and points out this means not letting your competitors gain an advantage that puts your business at risk.

Near the conclusion of the interview on the CEO TV Show, Cuneo talks about the special importance of major strategic decisions such as moving manufacturing to Asia, and particularly to China: Cuneo says, "When all of your competition has moved their manufacturing to Asia to cut their costs in half, you have to, too, or you'll soon be out of business. So I've actually moved manufacturing jobs to Asia - particularly China - and that has saved jobs in the United States."

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