Provides Post-Tradeshow Tips

With the largest industry specific summer tradeshows over, shares its revenue growing post-tradeshow efforts.

West Palm Beach, FL, August 31, 2011 --( Tradeshows can be an essential factor to the growth of a new business or the success of an already existing one. In the after hours of an industry leading trade show, your follow up process may be the most important way to sustain the newly generated business for your company.

Before the trade show, companies arrange meetings with potential and existing clients as well as map out any lectures they will be attending. The question is what happens after all the meetings and lectures?

Here are a few tips to help you with your follow up plan:

· Meet with your Business Development team and discuss their experience.
The business development teams are the ones experiencing the trade show first hand. Getting their feedback is important to measuring the pros and cons of a company’s performance.

· Analyze your company’s performance.
Go over everything from start to finish to see where you may have lacked or succeeded in order to improve the next time around, including the success of exhibiting, purchasing and branding a meeting space, speaking during a the convention, or hosting a party.

· Discuss ways for improvement.
Having your performance still fresh, come up with ideas to get rid of any kinks there may have been such as scheduling additional time between meetings, purchasing additional tickets to the exhibit space, or purchasing more business cards.

· Discuss and Analyze each clients
Go over each client you met with, discuss how the meeting went, the potential of your relationship and your follow up plans.

· Follow up
Not everyone may remember you, so it is imperative that you follow up with them to remind them of who you are and what you offered. If possible, put a personal touch in each follow-up to ensure them that you remember them specifically.

· Follow through
If you made any promises to a client, your follow through is extremely important. Getting back to them in a timely manner shows your professionalism and commitment to them as a client.

· Keep in touch
Just because the trade show is over and you’ve already followed through with your clients, that doesn’t mean the relationship has to end. Keeping in touch is vital; you never know what kind of opportunities that may be available in the future.

Trade shows are a great way to get a business out there, but it is the post-show efforts that will keep a business growing. is a multifaceted company with a consumer-friendly interface enabling consumers to meet all of their automotive needs. The simple forms with drop down menus and self-generated answers have made searching for automotive insurance and new vehicle prices easier for consumers. strives to provide a simple solution for those who have automotive needs, whether it is to search, finance or insure.

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Ashley Emery