IDM INTERNATIONAL Welcomes New Risk Management Expert for Forex Division

Victoria, Australia, September 01, 2011 --( IDM INTERNATIONAL is proud to announce that 20-year market expert Ronnie Liang has finally brought his well-regarded practice as a futures portfolio manager and foreign exchange risk manager, along with his reputable and outstanding record of the highest level of professional standards and conduct to the trading office of IDM INTERNATIONAL. His duty as the firm’s new forex risk manager shall take effect immediately.

Prior to joining IDM INTERNATIONAL, Mr. Liang worked as a portfolio manager in futures and options, and a forex trader in institutional sales and trading in New York and Canada for six years. Before accepting those positions, he also served as a managing director for a UK-based financial service firm; senior manager for a futures division of a well-recognized Canadian firm; partnership with a New York-based futures commission merchant with a Canadian subsidiary. From 1986 to 1998, he spent his career as an investment advisor focusing on futures. He started his career in the industry creating and developing electronic applications for communications and networking which have eventually used in the communication aspect of the industry. He has also been cited in some academic journals and reports for his expertise in trading systems.

IDM INTERNATIONAL, for the last decade, has been specializing in commodity and commodity options trading as well as in commercial foreign exchange trading. Its global clients consist of individual investors, traders, market makers and corporate entities. Most of its traders are utilizing electronic trading platform as they can benefit from its direct research, prompt trade execution, real-time price and data and convenience in account management while some greatly rely on its experienced and registered brokers. Clients include commercial hedgers and commercial foreign exchange clients.

With the appointment of Mr. Liang as the new Forex Risk Manager, Mr. Joseph Reid, the firm’s Global Head for Commercial Foreign Exchange Division expressed support and appreciation to Liang’s outstanding qualifications.

“Mr. Liang is one of the few industry veterans whose expertise in risk management can be equated to none. He is one of the prime movers in this industry and with his incomparable knowledge, we are very much happy to be working with him as we are developing our commercial foreign exchange division. We believe that he will be a great asset to our forex business,” said Reid.

“I am deeply honored and happy for the warm welcome given to me by my new colleagues in the industry. It is nice to be with a commodity firm with immeasurable investment opportunities and with personal dedication to every service rendered. This is a new challenge in my 20 years of being in this industry and I am confident that I have all the support from my team,” expressed Liang.

Andrew Paulsson