Paragon Introduces new Knife Making Furnaces

The new Xpress-KM series knife making furnaces from Paragon Industries are equipped with the Sentry Xpress 3-key digital controller. All of Paragon’s knife making furnaces are now rated to 2350 degrees F.

Mesquite, TX, September 02, 2011 --( Paragon Industries has just introduced the Xpress-KM series knife making furnaces, which are made in Mesquite, Texas. The new Xpress-KM furnaces are equipped with the Sentry Xpress 3-key digital controller. Paragon’s current KM-series, which they began manufacturing in 1986, come with the Sentry 12-key controller.

The standard temperature rating on the KM and Xpress-KM knife making furnaces is now 2350 degrees F. “We raised the temperature rating so knife makers could heat treat the newest steels,” said Arnold Howard, spokesman for Paragon.

“The only difference between the Xpress-KM and KM furnaces is the digital temperature controller,” said Howard. “The 12-key Sentry has more features than the economically priced 3-key Sentry Xpress.” The Sentry Xpress can store four programs in memory, each with up to eight segments.

The door on Paragon knife making furnaces opens downward. A counter-balance handle keeps the door closed. A safety door switch turns off the elements when the door is opened.

Paragon Industries, L.P.
Arnold Howard