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Dynastore Software Corp.

New Search Engine Shows the Previews of the Found Web Sites

See'Em Visual Search (www.see-em.com) makes the Internet search more interesting, as it generates large enough and easy to read screenshots (previews) of the Web sites with found results. The visitor can see several Web sites on one page and compare their content visually.

Toronto, ON, Canada, October 14, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Privately owned Dynastore Software Corp. has launched Internet search service, which shows the results of the search as pages with a set of screenshots of the found Web sites, so the visitor can visually compare the actual content of the links before visiting them. Additionally, the visitor can click on the "More screenshots" link and receive the previews of several more pages from the same Web site. The service is available at http://www.see-em.com.

The service allows narrowing the search by selecting one of the major North American cities or states, thus making your search "local". And, like many other engines, it provides a Directory of the most popular search phrases and words for the visitor convenience.

"First we have implemented this idea for our company software developers usage and it helped them to make efficient Web searches comparing to the traditional way. It saved a lot of their time by not clicking on the links that look promising but lead you to the Web sites that have no needed information. Or even worse - to the Web sites that have no information at all - thanks to the modern day reality when everybody can register his Web site with any keywords he wants, regardless of the actual content of the Web site" says Dmitri Bogucharsky, the owner of the company.

"After the service was ready for the public test, we sent its address to a hundred of our customers and asked them to try the search. They did that and, in their turn, sent the link to their friends, so after first two weeks we had more than 30,000 searches performed, which is quite good result for the start-up project " continues Mr. Bogucharsky.

The company also plans to add its own system of the sponsored links for the advertisers. It will be announced later this year.

Dynastore Software Corp.
Dmitri Bogucharsky