a Mortgage Mitigation Company, Launches Florida Foreclosure Avoidance Campaign

Distressed property expert’s online report informs distressed homeowners who are struggling with mortgage payments in Central Florida on solutions to avoid foreclosure.

Orlando, FL, September 08, 2011 --( “Nationwide, one in seven mortgages are headed for foreclosure,” noted Christian Bohyn of While the statistics in Central Florida are even higher, Christian Bohyn and have developed an online report that reviews the increasing priority that major lenders and the federal government have placed on giving homeowners viable options to foreclosure.

“Helping to keep homeowners out of foreclosure has become a national priority,” Christian Bohyn says, adding, “it’s important for homeowners who are overstressed financially and underwater on their mortgage to know that none of the parties involved want to see a foreclosure sale happen. Banks and lenders were overwhelmed by the foreclosure crisis of the past few years, and much too many homes have been lost due to foreclosure, but now the landscape has drastically changed.”

Several entities within the Federal Government, together with major lenders, have retooled and reorganized in order to more effectively help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

“Among the most troubling statistics,” Bohyn pointed out, “is the fact that the majority of homeowners who end up in foreclosure never seek the services of a real estate agent or attempt a short sale.” He added “We recently started an awareness campaign targeting homeowners who are in foreclosure and are amazed to find out that more than 80% of these homeowners haven’t even listed their property on the market. Most distressed homeowners are in denial and don’t know their options.”

A short sale occurs when a lender allows a homeowner to sell a property for less than the current mortgage amount owed.

Christian Bohyn has received the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, experts like Bohyn have proactively sought out the most up-to-date expertise and insights to serve clients within the complicated and highly charged distressed property arena. CDPE agents are required to complete several days of intensive training and are held to a high standard of expertise, efficiency and ethics.

“My recent report titled Is Your Mortgage Payment Dragging You Down, provides information every homeowner should know if they are about to, or have already missed mortgage payments.” This community resource is available at

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