The SSL Store Names New Vice President of Operations

Saint Petersburg, FL, September 09, 2011 --( The SSL Store has promoted Kim Barnard to a position as Vice President of Operations. In the position, Ms. Barnard will head both of The SSL Store’s divisions, retail and channel. Ms. Barnard graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Liberal Arts and previously owned a graphic design and web development studio before joining The SSL Store in 2008.

“This executive position was created for Ms. Barnard because the effort and skill which Kim has brought to our organization over the past three years is remarkable,” commented The SSL Store CEO John Tuncer. “Since I’ve started working more closely with her, I’ve realized the impressive extent of her contributions to the company and what she’s capable of moving forward.”

As VP of Operations, Ms. Barnard will be managing a business focused primarily on reselling SSL Security Certificates, the standardized technology that allows websites to both encrypt transactions (generating https protocol and the lock symbol in browsers) and display third-party accreditation. Ms. Barnard is currently heading an effort to rebrand The SSL Store with a focus on integrity and credibility. With her as a major player, the company has been growing an average of 11 percent each month. In the coming months, Ms. Barnard will be making numerous sales and customer service hires, in the interest of creating a more sophisticated, relationship-based experience for The SSL Store’s customer base (which is primarily composed of small businesses and web development companies but also includes such notable organizations as NASA, Microsoft, the European Union, and the United Nations).

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