BarterQuest Presents Its New Technologies at IRTA Convention

BarterQuest's co-founder and developer of its patented technology Dr. Paul Bochek will present his barter matching engine at the International Reciprocal Trade Association's (IRTA) 32nd Annual International Convention starting September 19th in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

New York, NY, September 16, 2011 --( BarterQuest will present its patented technology to facilitate C2C and scale B2B.

BarterQuest (, a platform that supports the cashless exchange of goods, services and real estate, today announced that it has become a member of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (“IRTA”) and will present a seminar on its patented new technology at IRTA’s 32nd Annual International Convention. The Convention will be held from September 19th through 21st at the Aventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico. IRTA is a non-profit organization committed to promoting equitable standards of practice within the barter industry and other alternative capital systems.

At the seminar Dr. Paul Bocheck, as the person who has been responsible for its development, will describe BarterQuest’s proprietary technology and how it operates to overcome the obstacles inherent to barter. This technology includes a matching engine that instantly finds reciprocal two party and multi-party trades to solve for the “double coincidence of wants” (a trade requires parties who each want what the other has) and a trading engine that allows trading partners to systematically negotiate and complete their trades. Further, a points system has been developed as an onsite currency to equalize trading values and provide trade credit to businesses.

“BarterQuest has been designed as an Internet platform which makes trading easier,” stated Dr. Paul Bocheck, a founder and the CEO of BarterQuest. “We believe that the various features of our site will promote C2C exchanges and at the same time provide the tools necessary for trade brokers to effectively scale their support of B2B exchanges. As the number of individual users continues to grow rapidly, we are increasingly focused on encouraging businesses to join the BarterQuest network to find the items they want and provide inventory for our consumers.”

About BarterQuest

BarterQuest supports the cashless exchange of all types of goods, services, and real estate. BarterQuest provides a trading platform based on proprietary technology (patents filed) that instantly matches the haves and wants of users for two party and multi-party trades. Barter is facilitated by a user friendly Web design that is unique in its combination of features that support trading. BarterQuest is headquartered in New York, NY and is owned and operated by JPM Global, Inc., a Delaware corporation. For more information, visit

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