Delsea Termite and Pest Control Adds BedBug Chasers Services

Delsea Termite and Pest Control has added BedBug Chasers services to its list of offerings to combat bed bugs with 100% Chemical Free and Green electric heat.

Kenvil, NJ, September 16, 2011 --( BedBug Chasers equipment and services will enable Delsea to offer heat treatments at prices that match those of traditional chemical treatments. More importantly, Delsea will be able to complete bed bug treatments much quicker than other heat treatments. Garry Milsom, President of Delsea and also President of the New Jersey Pest Management Association (NJPMA) had this to say, “We are very skeptical about anyone in this business that says ‘they have the next greatest thing’ so we had to use BedBug Chasers on real world jobs to see if their claims held up. Their heaters performed better than represented, allowing us to double the amount of space we would normally treat in the same time period. More importantly, they allow us to service our hotel/motel customers within traditional house keeping time frames, which means there is never a need to take a hotel room out of service for even 1 day when using BedBug Chasers.”

“Everything is about bringing the space up to temperature quickly to get a 100% kill, but without causing damage from overheating. The faster, the better, which means more work can get done over the same time period. It’s all about the ROI. That is what we are bringing to the pest control industry,” noted Ralph Citarella Jr. B.C.E. resident entomologist for BedBug Chasers.

BedBug Chasers is the only rental source for Avtron BedBug Chaser heaters, a 100 percent Green and Chemical-Free, high-temperature electric forced convection heater. The BedBug Chaser was engineered from the ground up and is produced in Avtron’s Cleveland, OH facilities. In addition to excellent performance, the BedBug Chaser was designed to give operators the best overall ROI in the industry. The faster you bring a space to critical temperature, the faster the treatment can be completed – It’s all about the ROI.

Studies have shown bedbugs are building an ever growing tolerance to many of the chemicals used to fight them and heat is the only effective way to kill all the bedbugs plus their nymphs and eggs, which may be deep inside a wall or ceiling. Research also demonstrates that consumers may have to endure multiple chemical treatments and still may not be bedbug free. However, when done properly, a single heat treatment will kill all bedbugs and allow the customer to re-occupy their home within minutes of completion.

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About BedBug Chasers
BedBug Chasers® is a nationwide heat remediation sales and rental company providing a 100% Green and Chemical-Free alternative to eliminating bedbugs and other insects in commercial, residential and industrial environments. Using its proprietary, state of the art heat technology, BedBug Chasers equipment is capable of facilitating fast, effective and inexpensive heat remediation services throughout the United States. For more information, visit

Reporters may contact: Frank Como (813)-4-BedBug (813-423-3284) or Garry Milsom 800-339-8515.

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