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Peter Cuneo, CEO for the Turn-Around of Marvel Entertainment, Explains How to be a Successful CEO with Robert Reiss on The CEO TV Show

Ridgefield, CT, September 21, 2011 --( Peter Cuneo, the CEO for the turn-around of Marvel Entertainment, and six other major turn-arounds, discusses this week the most important role of the CEO with Robert Reiss, host of The CEO TV Show.

When he took over the reigns of Marvel, its stock had plunged to only $0.96 per share; ten years later, Cuneo sold the company to Disney for over $4 billion, or $54 per share. So when he spoke about the role of the CEO, it wasn't without a great deal of hands-on experience. In fact, Marvel was only the latest of Cuneo's turnarounds. He also turned-around other big brand companies in the past, such as Black & Decker and Remington.

Cuneo described the top five things that make for a successful CEO:

"First, you must make sure the organization is put together in a way that it can achieve its goals.

"Second, you must ensure there is a constructive debate inside the company on its strategy and tactics.

"Third, a CEO is required to make prompt decision-making.

"Fourth, a CEO must follow-up on those decisions to ensure the results that are expected. And if they are not getting the results, he or she must make additional changes quickly.

"And, finally, fifth, a CEO must make sure that there is great leadership throughout the organization to be effective. A CEO must recognize that he can't make all of the decisions or the organization will stagnant waiting for him or her."

In this episode of The CEO TV Show, Reiss also asks Cuneo about what advice he has for entrepreneurs and other executives who might find themselves in a turn-around situation, and to identify the one talent a CEO needs in order to succeed. The answers to these two questions can be found at:


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